My Story

Hello friends!

We have stories to share with each other and I am grateful to have this blog to shape and learn from. Where should I begin to tell the the growth of who I am and my visions of where I am going.  Let’s begin somewhere  in time-my time.

I am not sure when I became aware of my passion for the environment.  It might had started when I was young and walked in the woods with my Dad.

I remember us making our own paths in the woods and being very careful of where we stepped.  There are many hidden holes and homes in the woods for the animals and insects.

The last thing you ever want to do is step on someone’s home,  🐝  nest or 🐜  hills.  My dad taught me awareness of my surroundings, carefully thread though the fallen 🍃  and branches  and always explore with a curiosity and respect.

Somewhere along my path, I began implementing those very tools in my daily experiences.  My love for the environment grew from understanding how simple things can impact and change the environment.

This blog will share some of my experiences with my backyard gardens, the pollinators that we will meet along our journey and any lessons learned.

Join me on my journey in my  backyard. Let me share with you the joy of finding nature at its best and worst.

This blog is dedicated  to everyone who can find some time to explore and really learn what is happening in their back yard gardens.